Why You Can’t Make Time For Anything

No one can make time, we can only choose what to do with the time we have. Trust me, I know what if feels like to wish there were 48 hours in a day and know that it still may not be enough to get everything done most of the time.

Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions.
~John Randolph

Where Do We Begin?

First you must decide you want to make a change that is more important than almost anything else.

My family is the most important thing to me and I have found they are a great source of inspiration. It was easier for me to make these changes when I had the right focus. It wasn't easy to find the focus at first, and I'll warn you, it does take some work.

These changes must be urgent for you. These changes are not just to make your life better but saving it. If you don’t put the proper urgency on your commitments you won’t be inspired to do the hard work that needs to be done.

Small Steps For Big Success

Don’t try to make too many changes all at once or, like me, you will fail and get discouraged. By looking at your big goal and breaking it down into smaller steps, you can have little successes that will motivate you to keep moving forward.

  • Turn off the TV 30 minutes early.
  • Read less garbage.
  • Wake up earlier (10 minutes).

To help see where you are wasting your precious time you can sit down at the end of the day and write down what you have done. Or, if you’re like me, and you sometimes have trouble remembering what you did 5 minutes ago, keep a log in a notebook or using a note taking app on your phone (Evernote is my personal favorite).

When I looked back on my day and saw how much time I wasted on things that were not helping me reach my goals it made it easier for me to stop those things as I was doing them or even before I started.

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.
~Mason Cooley

What are the small steps you will take today to create a better tomorrow?

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