New Year, New Direction?

It is half way through January and I have yet to clearly define my direction for this year.

At work, it is much easier to do because of how my job is defined and I have a great boss who is helping by assigning me tasks according to my strengths.

Outside of work, it is a lot harder because it is up to me and I am my own worst critic. I see something I want to pursue but I tell myself I can never be as good as those who have been doing it for much longer than me. Of course, I'll never be that good unless I put in the time like they do.

This applies to any talent or skill from project management to playing the piano. The only way we get better is to do more of what it is we want to improve upon. I am not going to kid myself and think I can be a world-class ballet dancer but there are things I am good at and can be much better at if I take the time to practice.

A good example is my writing here on this blog. I know I am not as good as many other bloggers but unless I do more writing I will not get better at it.

What's First for 2016?

First I know I need to get myself into better physical condition. To help with this, I have joined my amazing friend Mary and many others in the Lose It Right Challenge that Vanessa Matthews is running on her FulFitMent Personal Training website.

I find that when I am part of a group or a team working towards the same goals and have accountability and some competition I do better.

The goal is to lose 5% of your current body weight. Before I can begin I have to go get a scale in order to set goal weight.The second thing I need to do is go shopping for food that will help me boost my metabolism while giving me the energy to get through my day.

The second thing I need to do is go shopping for food that will help me boost my metabolism while giving me the energy to get through my day.  I have had a lot of success in the past by switching to a low glycemic lifestyle. This was not difficult for me because I do enjoy much of the recommended foods and having one day to cheat each week helps knock out the cravings for the bad carbs, sugars and other things that are not so good for your body.

What's Next?

This is where things get tricky. I enjoy doing many different things and I must decide what to say no to, at least temporarily, while I focus on getting better at one thing at a time.

For sure, I will be writing more both in my journal and here on this blog. My goal is to post here every Monday. If I am feeling inspired I may post more often but I want to set a goal that is easily attainable first and when I reevaluate my goals in three months I may commit to more.

I will also continue to hone my speaking skills at Toastmasters while playing more of a background leadership role and continuing to mentor others.

I'd love to spend more time with my photography but without a dedicated studio space, especially in winter, it is difficult. I will not stop completely but it will not be my focus.

This leaves me with four things I must choose from. I will be spending time thinking through these and weighing my options but I have set a deadline of January 31st, 2016 to make my decision. Without a deadline, I will never make up my mind. I am also going to be sharing this with a few others to help keep me accountable.

What About You?

Do you have a process you use to create your goals?

Do you have someone or a group to share your goals with and keep you accountable?

I would love to know what others do because looking at things from a different perspective has always been beneficial to me.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.