If Only, If Only: Anchors of the Past

“If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs,
“The bark on the trees was as soft as the skies,”
As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely
He cries to the moon, “If only, if only.”
~Louis Sachar, Holes

We all have if olnlys that ring in our head. If only…

  • I had listened
  • I had left sooner
  • I hadn't been so angry
  • I had spoken up
  • I had said I love you

There are many things in this life we have no control over and the past is one of them. Dreaming of changing your past will only anchor you to it. Let go the chain of regret and sail into the future.

I am writing this as a reminder to myself. I have fallen victim to the if only syndrome too many times. I am now on a path to a better future and in order to stay on that path, I need to keep my focus forward.

We don't want to forget everything in the past because it can serve us well.

Remembering the happy moments can lift us up when we get down.

Remembering the mistakes we've made can keep us from repeating them.

Remembering why we started down this path and what gave us the passion and drive to start is key to push us into the future.

To help me remember my “why” and not forget my mistakes I keep a journal both paper and digital (Evernote). I love the feeling of the pen on the page but I also love having my digital notes with me wherever I go to help jog my memory and easily share ideas with others.

Let go of who you were, embrace who you are, and invite who you will become.

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