How Do You Focus When You Don’t Know Which Direction to Look?

I need to get focused, but before I can get focused I need to have some sense of direction. My head is spinning right now. I have many things I can talk and present about. I need to find a direction and go!

I love to read and I do more of it than I should. I need to put the books down and take action of the knowledge I have gained.

When you have amassed a lot of knowledge but don't put it to use you are wasting everyone's time especially your own.

Amassing knowledge, not implementing or sharing is no way to live. You will end up like me, too much knowledge and too many options make it hard to choose a path to follow.

Why Haven't I Started? Because I am worried…

  • I won't be perfect
  • I don't know enough
  • I'll let people down
  • I'll look like a fool
  • I will fail

After writing that out, it shows me I am too worried about myself.  My focus should be on you, the reader, viewer, listener not me.

When we focus on ourselves we are much less likely to push forward.

In football, they teach the players to keep your feet moving, keep pushing forward. The first one to stop is the one who will lose the battle.

Posting this proves nothing if I take no action afterwards. I need to continue my forward push. I may fall, I may fail, but I will keep pushing forward.

What worries have you stalled where you are? How can I help?

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